Be On Purpose – Part 3

Now that I have presented you with the mantra, Everything I do positions me, and a follow-up mantra, Everything I do positions my company, let’s look at the flip side: Everything I don’t do positions me. Reflect on this for a moment. It’s not only what you do…it is also what you don’t do or neglect to do that can work against you and position you in a negative way with other people. For many, it’s a habit, to say something and not follow through. What will people think of you if you repeatedly make the same statement every time you see them and never follow through? “Let’s do lunch” seems to be the most common of phrases. If you see me five times within one year, and say that to me every time you see me, what will I begin to think about you? “She says it but she won’t act on it.” That speaks to your character. Whatever you say, deliver on the promise. It will position you more powerfully as someone who follows through and honors commitments.  And isn’t that the sign of a true professional?

Be On Purpose, Part 2

Now that you have embraced your new mantra, “Everything I do positions me,” let’s build on that to include “Everything I do positions my company.” You not only represent yourself…you also represent your company, whether you are on the job or off.

When you meet a prospective client for the first time, your behavior is scrutinized. If you promise to submit a proposal by Friday, and you don’t deliver on that promise, the person may think that this is how your company does business. The result: Potential lost business income. Even in your personal life, you still carry your company with you. If you yell at a waiter in a restaurant and a client hears the entire conversation, the person may question both your character and the character of your company. When you work for a highly visible or prestigious company or organization, your positioning is amplified even more, meaning, people expect even greater things from you.

Before you make that promise or (dare I say) begin to behave badly, take a moment to reflect on your new mantra, “Everything I do positions my company.” Remember, you are a brand ambassador, so make your company proud.

In 2013, Be On Purpose

In celebration of Be On Purpose Month, take a moment, right now, to reflect on what it truly means to be “on purpose.” To me, it means to be mindful, fully aware and intentional. The key to being on purpose is knowing exactly what you are putting out there. When you add a positive spin to it, your entire world opens up. When you intentionally send goodness out, you attract more goodness back to you. You have, no doubt, heard the phrase, “What goes around comes around.”

Let me share with you one of my most powerful guiding phrases: “Everything I do positions me.” Commit this phrase to memory. Close your eyes and visualize the words in front of you. Repeat the phrase a few times. Everything you do – your behavior, the way you dress, the people you associate with, the way you treat people, your attitude, your knowledge and experience – positions you in the minds of the people you come in contact with. How can you position yourself with greater impact? Focus on being more mindful, fully aware and intentional about what you are putting out there.