Elevate Your Visibility

market-visibilityHow visible are you? Visibility gets you noticed by others. If you received a job offer, got a promotion, or just landed a huge account with a new client, it happened because you were visible; people know about your skills and talents. Your level of visibility helps to position you. Even if you are a quiet, mild-mannered individual who plays more of a behind-the-scenes role, your actions still position you in the minds of others.

Consider most political campaigns. What is an underlying theme? What is the strategy to boost visibility? What specific markets are being targeted, such as senior citizens, women, religious groups, new parents, educators or Blue Collar workers? If you follow any political campaign, its success is often measured by how visibile the candidate is in certain markets (or states), which of course translates into a certain percentage of votes.

What kind of campaign would you launch to improve your visibility? Here are a few examples: If you want to become better known in your business community, expand your business contacts across diverse industries or attend highly visible community events. If you want to be considered for a board position in a prestigious organization, begin by volunteering to serve on a committee, then chair the committee, and work your way up in the organization. If you want to  become a leader within your company, ask for and accept  more challenging project work. One of the easiest ways to enhance your visibility is to let people know you are interested. That way, when a greater opportunity comes along, they will think of you. Don’t passively wait for the telephone to ring. If you want something, let people know you want it! Here are a few questions to jump-start your thinking:

How visible are you?

How can your improve your visibility?

What specific strategies can you put in place to elevate your visibility?