Be On Purpose – Part 4

In this final installation of being on purpose, here is one last mantra for you to embrace: “Everything I do positions me as a true professional.” That means that everything about you determines your level of professionalism, like how you interact with others, how you dress, your attitude or how you respond to crisis or change. To me, the word professional represents a person who sets – and lives by – high standards, someone who delivers quality results, and  is considerate of others. It’s not necessary only to have a white collar job to be considered as a professional. Anyone can be professional. It has more to do with one’s character than it does job status or income level. Anyone who comes in contact with customers or clients can benefit from some pointers in “Professionalism 101.” Consider initiating an open dialogue with your work team or employees on the topic by asking questions like, “How do you define professionalism?”, “What benefit could greater professionalism bring to us as individuals and to our company?”, “What type of behavior does a professional demonstrate?” or “How can we treat our customers or clients more professionally?” You may be surprised where the conversation leads you.

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